Introducing Bodhi

Smarter way to monitor student progress. Our main goal is to provide unto date information about the student and knowledge gain each day.
It's fast, easy to use and you will be surprised to see student growth.


On the go - Check kids progress from Android, iOS and web.

Eye on - Get information on exam schedule, marks, attendance and homework.

Updates - Never miss any of the school event, news and circular.

Focus - Understand kids strength and weakness and focus on weakness.

On Time - Pay fees and enroll for special class and never been late.

Inform - Apply leave.


On the go - Up to date with Android, iOS and web.

Attendance - easy to submit attendance, generate reports.

Exam & Mark - quick way to schedule exam and update marks.

Homework - Easier way to assign home and notify parents on the same.

Report - Fast to generate report by student, class and more.

Status - Know the student and class status.


Setup - Easy to setup and configure.

Dashboard - Get to know day to day activity of each class.

Communication - Post news, events, and circular and communicated via SMS, Email and Push notification.

Report - Fast to generate report by student, class and more.

Enrollment - windows for new student enrollment.

What makes the difference?

Data Protection

All the data are securely stored in Amazon secure cloud. Data can be backed up anytime into the different data format.

Easy to deploy

Quickly deployed in highly scalable and reliable environment. Periodically monitor the application and its performance.


The product comes with 24/7 support by phone or email. We provide on-time support for all issue and queries.


Easy to customize as per school theme and branding. Securely hosted under school public domain.


The product integrates with reliable and costs effective email, SMS provider and app notification. Easy to share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


The product support on Desktop browser, Android, iOS. As wearable is happening place and we will extend this product on wearable to.

Supported Platform



Desktop Browser


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